John Updates Us On Music, Mood, and More

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This update comes to us directly from John as he's facing some tough times behind bars. The following are the true words of a wrongly imprisoned American, veteran, and father.

Artwork inspired by John and veterans like him

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Powerful art to highlight a tragedy affecting so many of our veterans The artist who created the sculpture pictured below is a famous soldier and leader who served 30 years in the Army, most of it in the special operations community. When John was one of 72 Rangers in early 2003 holding the Hadiythah Dam against [...]

Welcome to the Justice for John Buckley Project

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We would like to thank anyone reading this page from the bottom of our hearts. We know your lives are busy, and we appreciate you taking even a few minutes to give thought to our cause. Here on our blog we will provide regular updates on our efforts to have Kentucky lawmakers revisit John's case, and [...]